Prayer for the Taken.

In the last month, I’ve touched shoulder blades, grasped hands, and clutched knees while looking up into eyes with irises like crowns around a void. Their cheeks were cleansed with relief as spring water dripped from their eyelashes and flushed out their pain and memories and frustration. Crouched in nooks or bathroom floors, we became fountains of warmth and solidarity.
It all happened to us all and we are all struggling in the same way. If anything could save us, we would have done it by now.
I clung to them and begged for it not to be our secret.
Don’t let it seep back down your throat. You’ll be able to taste the shame until you remember your power to banish the lies.
We are not to blame.
We are not tarnished.
We are strong, separately and together.
I will always believe you.

Prayer for the Taken.