To Do.

Tomorrow means waking up early if I haven’t taken a shower tonight.  Class begins at 9:25 a.m. even though I always walk in around 9:31, because I know that specific professor doesn’t start until everyone is there.  Tomorrow means class for six hours and feeling so completely drained afterward, because I spent the night before with my boyfriend, trying to give him the girl he used to know.  Tomorrow means I have calculus and a general feeling of incompetence to look forward to.  Tomorrow is Thursday.  After tomorrow is the weekend.  I work all weekend.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday remind me that I can still smile while refilling your diet coke for the third time in the past forty-five minutes.  The weekend is for forgetting.  On Monday, I go to the bank to deposit the tips that equate to my worth.  I can’t remember if Tuesday is good or not.  Usually, if you can’t remember something, it isn’t that bad.  Wednesday is a toss up.  Today is Wednesday, and today was hard.  Today, he asked me what I was thinking about a lot.  I couldn’t tell him, because it would hurt his feelings.  When I finally told him, it hurt his feelings.  The problem is that he’s the only one that knows how hard things have gotten for me, and the truth even frightened him.

To Do.

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