Day Off.

My comfort zone is rarely unoccupied and never left for long.  Spontaneity, which causes excitement to bubble in the veins of most, makes me nauseous.  In a world full of Ferris Buellers, I’m the Cameron Frye.  A well meaning push is needed to get me to enjoy any sort of impromptu event.  Occasionally, I’ll stumble onto the radar of someone with a love for experience and late nights.  Almost compulsively, they’ll scoop me up and show me the world as they see it.  “You’ve never been here before?”  Somehow they’re always skeptical when my answer is no.  The few weeks after we meet fade into a montage of backroads, constellations, and rooftops.  It warms my heart to keep them as steadfast friends, but they’re usually gone before the sun comes up.

Day Off.

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