Every day, hundreds of nameless faces pass by mine.  Double takes are rare as we go about our day.  Every day, I form little attachments to the faces I have begun to notice.  The fair girl with glowing red hair sits diagonally to me in biology.  Her fiery mane is always pulled up tightly into a pony tail, even though it must fall gorgeously onto her shoulders.  The Environmental Science major with the Roman nose tends to be late to 10 a.m. algebra, but usually shows up early to our 9 a.m. science lab.  He’ll answer question after question correctly, but won’t write a single word down.  Flippantly doodling, on the other hand, is his forte.

These faces don’t have names in my mind, but their constant presence in the background of my life has earned them identifiers.  Their life has become important to me.  To feel alone in a growing world already full of seven billion people is egotistical at best.  You are not alone and if you ever feel that way, remember this.  Every movie has extras and every portrait has a landscape.


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