Environmentally Damaging Escapism.

It’s a hard feeling to describe.  It’s light and airy, as if nothing exists beyond the interior cab.  The rigid wheel holds steady under the light pressure of my left hand.  The ride is smooth as silk and the tires barely make a sound.  It’s freedom and reality and fantasy and pure, unadulterated ecstasy all merging to create one, perfect joy ride.  Driving brings relief from the constant pressures of my parents and money and college and growing up.  There isn’t a need to think about any of those things on the road.  My mind is free to relax and enjoy the feeling.  The feeling of being absolutely nonexistent.  In that moment, I’m gone.  I don’t need a shotgun rider or directions.  There’s no need to stop or sightsee.  All I need is a full tank of gas and an open highway.

Environmentally Damaging Escapism.

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